Salary Calculators

Our salary calculators will break down home much tax you are paying. All our tax calculators have been updated for the 2022/2023 tax year. Find out how much tax your paying will affect your take home pay.

See how income tax and national insurance will affect your take home pay monthly & weekly, know exactly how much bonuses and overtime can affect your overall earnings. We have a variety of calculators that will allow you to accurately predict your finances.

Take Home Pay Calculator

Find out your net income after all deductions, the take home pay calculator enables you to enter your gross annual income and will let you know your take home monthly, weekly or daily basis.

This calculation also includes national insurance and pension contributions.

Income Tax Calculator

Our income tax calculator will let you know how much tax you’re paying on your salary, find out how bonuses and overtime will affect your net yearly, monthly income.

Hourly Wages Calculator

If you want to know your yearly income from your hourly rate, just enter your hourly rate and the calculator will let you know your net yearly income before and after taxes. Find out exactly what you earn and how you can plan for the future.

Two Jobs Calculator

Considering getting a second job or want to know how two jobs will affect your finances. Find out how much extra tax you will pay for having a second income. We have the calculator that will determine how having two jobs will affect your finances.

Mortgage Calculator

With mortgage rates changing from month to month our mortgage calculator will keep you up to date with the ever-changing interest rates, find out what your payments will be.

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All of our services are free to use! And we are adding even more to our library of calculators and expanding to include US calculators.