Calculate Your Take Home Pay – 2023

To calculate your take home pay in the UK, you will need to consider the following factors, Gross pay, tax and national insurance, and any other deductions like pension and student loans.

Use our take home pay calculator below, its up to date with the April 2022 values and will be updated accordingly to represent the new tax year with the 2023 changes.

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Take Home Pay Calculator

Our take home pay calculator can show you how much you earn after tax and national insurance. To find out your take home pay just enter your salary in the salary box and let the calculator do the rest.

This calculator will not work if you live in Scotland and you have a Scottish tax code, you will need to use our Scotland take home pay calculator.

For more accurate results you need to enter your annual salary including any bonuses and overtime, if you need help calculating you can use this handy tool that will give you a yearly figure that you can add to your annual salary.

The results will assume you are on a standard tax code that looks like this ‘1257L’ if you need help finding your tax code or want to find out what it means you can do so here.

Using The Take Home Pay Calculator

When you enter your salary and click submit, your results will show you your monthly pay after tax, national insurance, and pension contributions. You will see an additional option ‘see breakdown’.

You can then see a full breakdown of your take home pay the results will show how much tax you pay in total and how much national insurance you’re expected to pay.

We have recently added student loan calculations to the take home pay calculator, you will need to accept add student loan option before you click submit, you will see three options.

Plan 1 – You are paying a student loan for a course that started on or before 1st September 2012.

Plan 2 – You are paying a student loan for a course that started on or after 1st September 2012.

Postgraduate – Regardless of start date if you are paying a postgraduate loan.

Only if you choose one of the options will your take home pay calculation include any student loan deductions. If you are not sure what option applies to you, you will find this information on the GOV.UK website.